Why Do Business With Us

RASHEED RUSTOM in his own words:

BECAUSE this is a company where the people you brief are the people who look after your project on a daily basis, and this means the project is micro-managed to each milestone.

BECAUSE we deliver on time, on budget, without fanfare, build your dream from the ground up and along the way exceed expectation.

BECAUSE PM=QA No difference – our Project Management is your Quality Assurance.  

BECAUSE we communicate and keep clients abreast of all happenings, not just the milestones.

BECAUSE sometimes you need a construction company that understands the things other companies don’t – right down to finishing, brand management, aesthetics, environmental issues, equal opportunity, proactive advice beginning at the planning stage.

BECAUSE we accredit our supplier network and use only like-minded trade services, sub contractors and business suppliers who want to exceed our expectations as much as we want to exceed our clients.

BECAUSE our OH&S standards are exemplary and only matched by our industrial relations management.

BECAUSE we’re flexible and easy to deal with. We strive to understand what you want, and how we can deliver it and bring clients along every part of the journey. All clients are different and we cater for the entire market sector from Project Managers, Architects, Design Consultants as well as the end client.

BECAUSE we build FROM THE GROUND UP.  We’re Devakon.