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FROM THE GROUND UP is how Devakon was built, and from the ground up is how it successfully manages building and construction projects on behalf of its clients. Building construction, project management, interior fit-outs – commercial, hospitality, community, education, residential, health and aged care – all delivered by dedicated professionals always striving to exceed their clients expectations.

Where can I find the best builders in Melbourne Australia, and that too at a reasonable price?

When it comes to finding the best builders in Melbourne, you can stop your search at Devakon - one of the top Melbourne construction contractors, providing clients with excellent and reasonably priced solutions for their building needs.

I am thinking about doing some constructions in the Melbourne area; how much would this endeavour cost me?

Now, the cost of the construction in Melbourne depends on several factors, like where is the lot located, what is the type of construction, type of property - commercial, residential or others, but the main factor is the size of the plot where the construction has to be done. The average lot size in Australia is around 250 square metres, and the average building cost for the same would be in upwards of $300,000 or simply around $1250 per square metre. If you are looking for Melbourne construction contractors and builders in Melbourne, Devakon is the place for you to be at.

Which would be a more preferable transaction, buying a home or constructing one from the ground up?

When it comes to choosing between buying an already constructed home or creating one from scratch, the choice is completely dependent on the interested party. Obviously, there are several factors to consider before doing this significant transaction; as one does buy a home on a daily basis, it is once in a lifetime decision, so a healthy discussion is warranted.

If money is a significant factor you, then buying an already constructed home would be significantly cheaper when compared to creating one from scratch, but when it comes to designing a home, you won’t get many options with an already constructed one.