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Current Projects 

Linden - 62 Units, 2 Blocks 

134 - 142 Linden Street Sutherland 

“A stunning building with amazing finishes. Central to local shops, schools and other amenities, makes this development a fantastic investment opportunity”

Linden is a great addition to the landscape of Sutherland having completed all the design documentation the project is in line with the program schedule and structural works planned to complete in June, making way for the internal finishing works.

The project planned to complete in May 2020. 

Linden St images Ext Cam 01
Linden St images Ext Cam 03
Linden St images Ext Cam 04
Linden New images_Level_05_Unit_A5 02_Penthouse Kitchen_02
Linden New images_Level_05_Unit A5_Bathroom
Linden New images_Level_02_03_Unit_A2 03_OutSide_Inside_View
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